It's all about the evolution of consciousness ...

This page will tell you more about me than any other.  This is about values, the stuff that matters ...

As long as I can remember, I've believed in:
  • maximizing my own integrity
  • living a life that benefits others
  • mining relationships for depth
  • having fun along the way

Graduating from Harvard, I could have gotten into a top-notch law or business school.  But I didn't see a way to "integrity" on those paths -- not that there couldn't have been a way, but I didn't see it at the time.​

So I became a newspaper reporter, expressing what integrity I could through my reporting and my writing, and when that no longer fulfilled me, I took my life-long passion for music into a teaching career.

In the mid-90s, Ken Wilber's A Brief History of Everything leapt out at me from the bookshelf of a Mendocino coffeehouse.  It changed my life. Over the next decade I became a student of development -- human and cultural -- under the umbrella of integral theory, a "theory of everything."

It led me, in 2001, to dust off the Harvard psychology degree and become a professional personal development coach.  A few years later, I parlayed that into leadership development work -- essentially coaching in organizational contexts. I currently have a balance of one-on-one coaching work and organizational work.  The combination is the most rewarding work I've ever done.

Nature and animals have always been at the center of my integrity.  I turned vegetarian 30 years ago; I didn't want animals dying to become my food.  When I was a teacher, I focused kids on their responsibility to the planet that we adults are in the process of destroying.  After becoming a professional coach, I served on the Board of Directors of the Northwest Environmental Education Council for five years.  

And now, about a quarter of my work is dedicated to the nonprofit Sustainable World Coalition, where I serve as Director of Operations.

And yet my work in sustainability is for me not a destination, but a doorway into a deeper awareness and mission

This deeper awareness  spawned through my study of integral theory and practice  is that the catastrophic degradation of the natural world (which  surprise, surprise  includes humans) is itself a symptom of a broader and deeper crisis.  All these global issues: 

  • environmental ruin
  • social and economic injustice
  • war, terrorism, and political strife, and
  • psychological/emotional/spiritual unease
are in fact not separate concerns, but four faces of a single "crisis of consciousness" – a crisis rooted in how we view the world and our place in it.

For a few hundred years, we in the "modern" world have seen ourselves as separate from nature, at odds with each other, and worthy to treat all life forms  including anyone not of our "tribe" -- as "resources" for our exploitation.  These assumptions constitute the engine that has driven exponential human progress   and is now driving us down a disastrous evolutionary dead-end.  Somehow in our pursuit of progress (which, to be fair, has eased enormous human suffering), we've missed this essential truth:  what we do to each other, and to the plants and animals who share Spaceship Earth with us, we do to ourselves.

The overarching challenge for all humanity at this historic juncture is two-fold: 
  • to awaken to the truth of the interconnectedness of all life; and 
  • to act in integrity with that truth  to accept our responsibility, as the most powerful species on the planet, to make sure the world works for all.

These are truly spiritual challenges, and it wasn't until my mid-50s that I found a fitting vehicle for my spiritual leanings.  "Evolutionary spirituality" is a way of both being and becoming that honors science and spirit -- that honors all religions and wisdom traditions (even if it doesn't always honor how they act in the world). 

Given my background, my talents, and my passion for these ideas, I see two interrelated contributions I can make to the world:
  • to "be the change," living every day in ways that honor this interconnectedness (I'm on the road, and I have quite a ways to go  the damned horizon keeps moving), and 
  • to foster the shift toward a global worldview of interconnectedness  and toward living in accordance with that worldview  through sustainability awareness-raising, coaching and group facilitation

This -- all of it -- is truly my life's work; and the quest to maximize my potential to be a contribution will never end.  I'm still working on those four bullet points at the top of this piece.  I invite you to join me in evolving consciousness  in whatever way feels right for you.

"Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well,
but the certainty that something makes sense, 
regardless of how it turns out."
~Vaclav Havel    
Steve Motenko

Personal Development & Leadership Coach*
co-author, Land on Your Feet, Not on Your Face

Steve Motenko, PCC*          Personal Development & Leadership Coach          Whidbey Island/Seattle
*Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation designation)
certified "Integral Coach" (2001) by NewVentures West, an ICF-accredited professional coach training program 
                                                360 221-2161 / 425 478-4848
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