Coaching To Success:  the E-course

You might have noticed I offer a free article on the steps to effective coaching: Coaching to Success: The 7 Layers. If you'd like a deeper experience with the 7 Layers – if you'd like to apply them, practice with them, gain specific tools to elevate your own game or that of someone you work with or love – consider the 7 Layers E-course.

The e-course is a set of eight lessons you receive, once a week, in your email inbox.  Each lesson, based on one of the seven layers (plus an intro), gives you practical suggestions for making that layer work for you.  Each lesson contains:
The price for all eight lessons is $39.95 -- less than 5 bucks a module.  In my (admittedly biased) opinion, there's a lifetime of learning opportunities here.  And I offer a money-back guarantee.  If you don't like the first lesson, cancel the rest of your order, and I'll refund your entire $39.95.  To order,                 .  

"Like it or not, you are chiseling a work of art from the medium of your life.  And, you get to be the art critic.  How good is it?"

~from "Coaching to Success: The 7 Layers"


To Success: 
    The 7 Layers
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Steve Motenko

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certified "Integral Coach" (2001) by NewVentures West, an ICF-accredited professional coach training program 
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