Coaching To Success:  The 7 Layers

Very simply, coaching is about elevating your life to the next level. What does it take?  Profound, sustainable growth involves a complex interplay of insights, behaviors and relationships.

My experience and training tell me there are seven essential layers involved in elevating your life sustainably - or helping someone else do the same.

So if you're a manager, a teacher, or a parent - or you just want to know how people change for good - my article Coaching To Success: The 7 Layers (an abridgement of my e-course [see below]) may shed some light on the process.  To get your free copy, fill out and submit the form below, and I'll send you the article.  (Of course, your information will ONLY be used to respond to your request.  I share your info with no one.)

And if you like what you read, and would like a deeper experience with the 7 Layers, don't forget my eight-lesson e-course by the same name - it's only $19.95.


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"I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talents previously hidden with an individual, and which invariably find a way to solve a problem 
previously thought unsolvable."
~John Russell, Managing Director, Harley-Davidson Europe Ltd.

Steve Motenko

Personal Development & Leadership Coach*
co-author, Land on Your Feet, Not on Your Face


To Success: 
    The 7 Layers

Steve Motenko, PCC*          Personal Development & Leadership Coach          Whidbey Island/Seattle
*Professional Certified Coach (International Coach Federation designation)
certified "Integral Coach" (2001) by NewVentures West, an ICF-accredited professional coach training program 
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